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 How can we guarantee the long-term protection of the Thickson's Woods Nature Reserve?

Thickson’s Woods Land Trust is a charitable organization with a mandate in our charter to maintain the area as a nature reserve and "to protect the flora and fauna" in perpetuity. Since many donations have been given in good faith for this express purpose, we are legally bound to ensure that the land is maintained in its natural state as outlined in our charter.

As for the long-term future of the property, we have discussed the question many times. A couple of options are: to turn ownership over to some wider conservation organization, provincial or national, that could ensure protection; or to maintain ownership, but put what is called a conservation easement on the property, restricting uses so that it can never be anything but a nature sanctuary.

Who are the current members of Thickson's Woods Land Trust's board of directors?

Otto Peter, President
Dan Shire, Vice President
Brian Steele, Treasurer
Margaret Carney, Secretary
Dennis Barry, Director
Dianne Pazaratz, Director 
Carolyn Van Goch, Director
Leigh Paulseth, Director
Joanne Brown, Director



What do members of the TWLT Board of Directors get as compensation for being on the board?

Board members serve as volunteers with no monetary compensation for doing so. They spend many hours doing whatever needs to be done to preserve and protect Thickson's Woods. TWLT has no paid staff.

What do board members get in return for their efforts?

The same thing as donors and other non-board volunteers - the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to protect a vital link in nature's chain, that they are making a difference and leaving a priceless legacy for future generations. Board members are committed financially as well as emotionally to supporting the nature reserve and believe it’s one of the best investments they’ve ever made in the future of Planet Earth.  


 Profound thanks to magnanimous souls who served on the board in years past!

 Bob Allin 

Esther Allin 

Margaret Bain 

Ray Bryson 

Monica Connolly 

Barb Haynes 

Phill Holder 

Carol Horner 

Annette MacDonald 

Harvey Medland 

Don Mitchell 

Susan Morgan 

Rayfield Pye 

Carol Sabean 

John Sabean 

Norm Schipper 

Richard Singleton 

Dr. Murray Speirs 

Brian Steele 

Reid Wilson